Healthcare can be easyand wellness can be fun

At BPA, we pride ourselves on our dedication to giving you and your family the service and support you need, when you need it most. Our goal is to help you better understand your health and wellness plan and make getting or staying healthy easy to do.

Tools like our BestLife app makes health and wellness a real-time event. You can track your fitness and wellness goals and use the portal’s resources to create diet and fitness diaries. BPA BestLife makes it possible for you and other members with similar health goals to support and encourage each other. You can upload pictures and access fitness information as well as track your personal best records, and the app even syncs with your wearable fitness devices. You can also create fun challenges for extra motivation. For you hard-core competitors, BestLife lets you track fitness goals against anyone and everyone in your organization.

Wellness and Beyond

Besides the early-access fitness and wellness challenges you can participate in with BestLife, our BPA Member Portal offers valuable access to your medical information.

  • View information about your doctor, dentist or other provider
  • Access to current news, announcements and network information
  • Receive benefits and savings reminders
  • View up-to-date coverage information

Visit the BPA Member Portal

  • Easily find what you need

    Use the Member Portal to send questions about eligibility and claims to our customer support team or view claims in real time.

  • Getting help with your benefits

    Our Member Portal lets you view your medical plan details even when the HR department is closed. You can also get copies of your plan ID number and insurance phone numbers.

Finding a Provider

BPA partners with several top networks so you have access to a wide array of physicians, clinics and pharmacy benefits. Remember, these networks are not your insurance carriers.

To find a provider near you, check your BPA ID Card to find out which network your plan is connected with, and select the matching link below to find providers in your area.

Our primary networks include:

Our MEC (Limited Benefit Plan) networks include:

We also offer national pharmacy networks:

Our Reference Based Pricing partners:

If you have questions about your coverage, contact your employer.