Custom health plan options that save you money

BPA started as a family-run business in 1965. Our singular focus was helping businesses manage their healthcare benefits and get the most for their money. Today, our company is still family-owned, and we still hold the same premium on good value for our clients. With our self-funded health plan options it is possible for you to avoid the double-digit annual increases that are so common in the benefits marketplace.

  • Self-Funding
  • Level Funding
  • Reference-Based Pricing (RBP)
  • Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)


Self-funding gives organizations additional cost-saving opportunities through increased flexibility in their plan designs. BPA offers several self-funded solutions including:

  • Health Benefits
  • Dental Benefits
  • Vision Care Benefits
  • Short Term Disability

Level Funding

Level Funding offers the flexibility of self-funding along with the predictable monthly payments of fully insured arrangements. Each month an employer pays a predetermined claim funding factor along with their monthly fixed costs. The funding factor is utilized to fund claims as they are incurred. At the end of the plan year 100% of the unused funds can be returned to the group or used to offset future plan expenses.

Reference-Based Pricing (RBP)

The BPA RBP program allows you to pay that fair and reasonable rate for medical services through transparent pricing data. Reference-based pricing is a healthcare pricing plan that assumes a base price for standardized procedures.

Minimum Essential Coverage

BPA MEC plans do more than meet ACA requirements. They also help you reduce healthcare costs while providing benefits that encourage employee participation.

Our MEC plans help you:

  • Meet ACA requirements with affordable coverage that matches your organization’s financial goals
  • Positively engage your employees with options that encourage plan participation
  • Strengthen your benefit offerings through additional coverage solutions

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